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Wooden Wall Crosses

Handmade large and small wooden crosses for church sanctuaries, chapels and homes. Large and small beveled, tapered, and traditional wall crosses in single, two, and three layer wood combinations.
Old rugged style beam crosses and wood crosses with stain glass. Available with Back-lighting and Stain Options. Cross Sizes: 8" up to 96" 

Back-lighting Information 

Cross Mounting - Cross Measurements

Custom Sizes and Staining

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Single Layer Beveled Wooden CrossesSingle Layer Tapered Beveled Wooden Crosses Two Layer Beveled Wooden Crosses Two Layer Tapered Beveled  Wooden CrossesThree Layer Beveled Wooden Crosses Three Layer Stepped Up  Beveled Wooden Crosses 

Edge Beveled Traditional  Wooden Crosses Traditional Wooden Crosses Old Rugged Rustic Style Wooden Beam Crosses Traditional Cross with Stain Glass Center Cross Traditional Cross with 3 Symbolic Inserts


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