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Crossmember Crosses Customer Photos
Of Our Wood Cross Products

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Crossmember Crosses requests customer photos of our wood cross products.
These cross photos are just a few of the many crosses we have shipped all across the United States.

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CC1-T-3-96"    Tapered Beveled Wooden Cross - Walnut - 60" - With Backlighting

Single Layer Beveled Wooden Oak Wall Cross - 72"   



    Single Layer Beveled Wooden Oak Wall Cross CC1-1-60 - Oak



Shady Gove United Methodist Church Lexington, TN  CC2 Series- Beveled Cross -Cherry -Walnut -With Backlighting  CC2 Series- Beveled Cross -Cherry -Walnut   









  CC2-T-4 - Tapered Beveled Cross - Maple on Walnut     






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