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Wall Cross Back Lighting

Note:  Back-lighting is an ordering option with cross.
Not sold as a separate product option.

Tapered Beveled Wooden Cross - Walnut - 60" - With Backlighting

Crossmember Crosses offers back-lighting for wall crosses 36" to 96"  

Note:  Back-lighting  is an ordering option with cross. Not sold as a separate product option.

Our custom designed brackets are easy to install and allow easy wall cross removal.

The brackets holds the wall cross 3"  off the wall. Wall Cross Backlighting Bracket   View Large Images Of  Mounting Brackets

Rope light is pre-installed on back of cross with a power cord to plug into a wall receptacle.

This rope light produces a very even light glow behind the cross for the ultimate back light illumination.

Wiring for back-light wall crosses and wood blocking for mounting brackets should be planned in new construction or remodeling.

Example of a switch and receptacle combo used to plug rope light power cord into located behind the cross.

Optional: Have a switch away from the cross wired to a receptacle behind the cross when mounting cross high on the wall.

Note: It is recommended to have a licensed electrician do any additional electrical work.

Crosses 72" - 96" should be mounted by a Contractor.

Rope Light Color: Incandescent White Soft Glow 

Rope Light Warranty Replacement Ordering
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