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About Crossmember Crosses - Personal Testimony

  Crossmember Crosses was established in 2005 with the determination to build and distribute as many wooden crosses as possible. Our desire was to make high quality Christian crosses as a witness to the world of God's sacrificial love offering for salvation, His Son Jesus Christ. Our wooden crosses are handmade in the United States of America from the beautiful wood of God's forest. We are solely dependent upon the resources God has provided and we are thankful for the wisdom and talent that God been blessed us with. We are also thankful to those whom God sends our way to purchase our wooden cross products. We believe the Bible, the word of God is the Christians life book to live by and to discern all of life's issues that we are faced with. Jesus Christ being our Lord and Savior, the Master Craftsman and Creator of His Universe, has all authority over all things on Earth and in Heaven.

  I was 34 years old when I was saved and became a Christian. I knew about Jesus and the cross at an early age. I knew in my own heart that I had rejected the message of the gospel, God’s love gift, by sending His own Son Jesus Christ to shed His blood and die on the cross for the payment of sin. Jesus then rose the third day and ascended into heaven to sit down on the throne of God.  On April 15th 1990, I understood by the preaching of the Gospel Message and the conviction of the Holy Spirit that I was a lost sinner that needed to be forgiven and saved from the eternal judgment of God in Hell. That day I believed by faith in the gospel of the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross that paid the eternal penalty for all my sins, and His resurrection from the dead that gives me hope and assurance of my future resurrection of eternal life in  Heaven. From that very day my desire immediately was to begin reading and begin obeying God's word and praying as well as telling others about my salvation experience with Jesus Christ, and their need to believe in Jesus themselves. I began attending a Christian  Church  to worship and fellowship with other Christians of like faith. Every day has been lived with that eternal blessed hope of assurance that when my life ends on this earth, I will then also live eternally in Heaven with Jesus and all who have and will put their faith and  trust in Him. Thank you God for loving me and Jesus for saving me, my Lord and my Savior.

Kenny Hott

Believing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ  is the only hope for a lost soul now, the only way to be forgiven of sins penalty now, the only way to have peace with God now, and the only way to receive the gift and promise of eternal life in Heaven now, while avoiding Hells eternal torment separated from God for all eternity.