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Cross Mounting -  Cross Measurements

The lag screws sent with each large cross, 36" — 96", are designed to go into a wood beam to hang the cross or hold the ounting brackets secure to the wall to support the weight of the cross.

Crossmember Crosses only approves of these lag screws for mounting heavyweight crosses. Smaller crosses, 8" — 24", use smaller screws and wall anchors sufficient for mounting.

All other types of fasteners such as molly anchors for Sheetrock or anchors for brick and block are provided by the customer or contractor and need to be approved by a contractor or engineer before mounting the cross to assure the cross is mounted securely.

New construction or remodeling of a wall should have a wood beam where the lag screws and brackets will mount.

An experienced contractor may be able to make a cutout in Sheetrock behind where the cross will mount to fasten a sufficient size wood support block or beam to mount with the lag screws.

Vertical   Horizontal
8" 4 7/8"
10" 6"
12" 7"
16" 9 1/2"
24" 14"
36" 21 1/2"
48" 29"
60" 36"
66" 39 1/2"
72" 43"
84" 50"
96" 57"

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