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Backlighting Information

Crossmember Crosses offers back-lighting for wall crosses 36" to  96" tall.

Note: Back-lighting is an ordering option with cross. Not sold as a separate product option.Our custom designed brackets are easy to install and allow easy wall cross removal.
The brackets holds the wall cross 3" off the wall.
Rope light is pre-installed on back of cross with a power cord to plug into a wall receptacle.
This rope light produces a very even light glow behind the cross for the ultimate back light illumination.
Wiring for back-light wall crosses and wood blocking for mounting brackets should be planned in new construction or remodeling.

Normal Installation: Receptacle placed behind cross to plug in power cord. Switch then installed to cut receptacle on and off.

Optional: Switch and receptacle combo used to plug rope light power cord into located behind the cross.

Note: It is recommended to have a licensed electrician do any additional electrical work.

Crosses 72" - 96" should be mounted by a Contractor.

Rope Light Color: Incandescent White Soft Glow

Note: Rope lights should be turned off when not needed to get maximum use out of lights.
Customer assumes all liability in installing rope light. We recommend using a licensed Electrician.

Warranty: Rope light has a 4 month full replacement warranty.

Replacement Ordering
Note: Used rope light should be returned for the proper custom rope light size, length, and power cord length.
Sizes:  3/8" or 1/2"

Crossmember Crosses
693 Jack Pen Lane
King William, Va 23086

Replacement rope light is for previous customers only.
Prices Include Shipping when shipped in the lower 48 U.S. States

Ordering: Email payment invoice for credit card payment, or pay by mailed check or phone payment. 

Rope light  Replacement Prices

36 inch  -  $40.00

48 inch  -  $45.00

60 inch  -  $50.00

66 inch  -  $55.00

72 inch  -  $60.00

84 inch  -  $65.00

96 inch  -  $75.00